curated by Elena Veljanovska (MK)

Bogeska Sladzana-Giuseppe Pradella, Zaneta Vangeli, Hristina Ivanoska, and Borjan Zafirovski.

The title of the screening is taken from one of the titles of the works. It refers to the whole approach in the selection: searching for a certain level of clarity followed with an adequate visual solution in dealing with their preferred issues, whether they may be politics, or everyday situations..

While thinking about the concept of this screening, I was faced with the dilemma: should I adopt a theme approach or not. Confronted with a situation in which I couldn’t put a pre-arranged solid concept which I could follow I decided on the later. Because of the not-so-large video production in Macedonia my decision was to make a compilation where the works are joined together in a spontaneous synergy.

So I did everything backwards, allowing the materials to create the final concept for them selves. After this, I was coordinating between artistic works and my point of view. The artists are from Macedonia, while their works are mostly produced abroad. This selection in no way represents the current Macedonian art context. The focus is set on the group of individuals, who use their own perception and the means of this media to outgrow the limits of the local boundaries.

The selection includes various subject-matters. Videos inspired by big moments from recent history: Macedonian war from 2001 (Z. Vangeli), 9/11 terrorist attack in USA (B. Zafirovski); a video which considers women rights in Macedonia (H. Ivanoska); work that deals with perception of the others (S. Bogeska); a work that outspreads the boundaries of the media (N. Uzunovski).

This selection also has some qualities of interest for an art historian: this younger generation of Macedonian artists, unlike the previous, is acting immediately on the problems that are surrounding them. Also they are not afraid to start complex research projects referring to controversial subjects. That is why almost all of the videos could be considered as documents speaking of this period of historical flux.
Artist(s): Bogeska Sladzana and Giuseppe Pradella
Title: A Moment of Clarity
Country of production: Iran
Year of Production: 2006

With only few elements: a cigarette, time, space, light... an attempt is made to show one everyday gesture. The action lasts until the cigarette burns out. The dynamics is created by consecutive shifting of the characters that are found in the same position. The person with the camera is hidden behind the action and the object in order to observe the subject in a voyeuristic manner. Every further montage only sharpens the dialogue between the cameraperson and the model. This way of working is an attempt to control the situation and yet, because of the intimate closeness of the authors the emotions come out in to the surface. The silence and contemplation is omnipresent element of this work. It is a kind of a mute, seductive dialogue between two lovers who are at the same time authors, actors and montages.

Artist(s): Zaneta Vangeli
Title: Realkunst
Country of production: Macedonia
Year of Production: 2003

This video, which is fully composed of ready-made documentary footage provided by the Macedonian Television and the private video studio “Fabrika”, is dedicated to the NATO operation in Macedonia in August 2001 called “Essential Harvest”. “Essential Harvest” was a complex, expensive and above all, an extremely media-oriented operation of over 3500 NATO soldiers, who had a “peace keeping” mission to stabilize the post-conflict Macedonia of 2001 through the collection, categorization and complete destruction of all kinds of conventional weapons and ammunition. After the 30-day action there were app. 3000 peaces of weapons collected, mostly older or even antique models. The approximate number of illegal weapons in the country during that period was estimated to be over 100.000 pieces. “Realkunst, or Essential Harvest” is beyond any comment or criticism of the situation in the country. Its main focus is on the constitutive level of a curious observer. The process of making this video is anticipated at the very beginning through the self-referential text: “Selection as an act of constitution”.
Artist(s): Hristina Ivanoska
Title: Naming of the bridge: Nakie Bajram and Rosa Plaveva
Country of production: Macedonia
Year of Production: 2006

This work focuses on the first women protestors against the veil in Macedonia: the Macedonian Rosa Plaveva and the Turkish Nakie Bajram. The video is a part of the political initiative of its author to name a newly build bridge in Skopje after the two women who protested there together. The underline of the video is the urgent need to reestablish the diminishing communication between the parts of Skopje stretching on the opposite banks of the river Vardar. This on-going research project aims to deal with the issue of the veil unburdened by the traditional conflicts between the orthodox Christianity and Islam. It is an example how a civic political initiative (although unsuccessful) can turn in to an art project and thus still spread awareness of the given problem.
Artist(s): Borjan Zafirovski
Title: Portrait of the artist of 21-th century
Country of production: Macedonia
Year of Production: 2001

Isn’t analyzing a daily practice of everyone who is interested to be a contemporary artist?! Isn’t rating our selves, in comparison to the world art scene and all new things that happen at the moment, our favorite thing to do?! Aren’t we trying to be as much informed as possible?! Don’t we always try to follow the stream?! Well, while doing this, one day you wake up and realize that you became a real professional in observing all patterns and you know all tricks of turning things in to a commercial success. The very moment when you decide to finally act and do something meaningful, you are faced with a soap-like twist. You find yourself at the beginning again... This video compiles the thoughts and confusions of the artists in the 21-th century.
Artist(s): Nikola Uzunovski
Title: Untitled (video)
Country of production: Italy
Year of Production: 2005

Black screen and a sentence... No picture... Silence... At first glance, nothing to speak off. It is here, when the ‘emptiness’ of the screen is forced upon us, that we become faced with ourselves, our own thoughts, our own picture... The whole concept insists on pointing out the futileness of sitting in one place and waiting for an artistic work to give some answers. Each one of us should think outside the confines of the artist’s vision, and make his/ her own version of it. This work is empowering us to experience it, in our own personal way. It almost makes it possible for us to create our own version of it.