The first stage took place in  Istanbul , simultaneously at 4 different locations in June 2004. It included a talk and a screening of videos by Israeli artists at Platform Contemporary Art Center as well as sound-art performances and video art series together with side activities. During two nights, a different performance took place on stage every 10 minutes. Between 22:00 and 00:00, as the digital countdown projected on the wall completed the 10 minute period, the real time DJ performance or video art performance was immediately cut, and the 10 minute time frame for the next performance began. So, the program proposed a break and even an intrusion within the system by losing control in a most controllable manner.

The second stage took place in Haus der Kulturen der Welt,  Berlin  on 5th of February 2005 as part of Transmediale .05, International Media Art Festival. Basak Senova presented the project showing a documentary featuring the Istanbul stage along with a Film and Video Screening Program by Israeli and Turkish artists.

For the third stage, on 3rd of May 2005 in Israeli Center for Digital Art,  Holon , some documentation of the programme together with extracts from the screening programme were presented. A discussion by the curators, some of the Israeli artists of the project and the audience regarding the highlighted issues followed this presentation.

As the fourth stage, on 21st of June 2005, presentation of the research phase of the project, featuring some artists works took place at Press to Exit Gallery, Pro Helvetia,  Skopje , the Swiss Cultural Program Macedonia.

The fifth stage will be in  Graz , Austria. Extracts from the screening programme and the documentary of the project will be presented during the NOMAD project "under.ctrl" in collaboration with Forum Stadtpark.

The sixth stage will take place in  Tel- Aviv  throughout 2006. The event will gather the results of the research phase and will include new sound performances by Turkish and Israeli Artists, Video Screening of Turkish Artists, a panel and discussion.