curated by Galia Dimitrova

What comes to my mind when I think of the new order in the world? The Globalization process, the dread of the terrorists attacks, the Money flow, the Global Market, the obtrusive ads, the mass-media influence, the TV obsession, the WWW, the mobile communications, the IT innovations... These are some of the features of our dynamic everyday life where must be fast, smart, and flexible in order to survive and prosper...


Borjana Pandova and Todor Karastoyanov "Whatever–Advert Laboratory", 2005

In this time artists no longer contemplate the surrounding world but take more active position as interpret and criticize it, and thusly show the phenomena that are part of our reality, for better or worse.

The selected works reveals some of these occurrences, like the over-information and consumption-oriented consciousness of people, and alienation and indifference to the things that happen around the world. The artists observe the social and cultural processes in our modern world and interpret its different aspects, which we usually do not see in our fast-paced and pragmatic everyday life, and which enable the viewer to see the surrounding world through the prism of artistic imagination.

In other word what do we offer you are some coffee for being always awake... with sugar –compliments of the artists - to sweeten the bitter taste of the modern life...


Daniela Kostova "I See - You See, 30 min", 2002 [15 min excerpt]
This video is continuation of the previous Daniela Kostova work – I see. Using organized sight seeing tours in Sofia and New York the artist tries to understand more about the perception of the unknown. Such tours are always very attractive but give unreal image for the places. Comparing two totally different realties of those cities, which she explores as a 'tourist', the artist re-places the attention from the center to the periphery and vice versa. Playing with the video image she tries to trace the thread of the cross-purposes between what we see and that we understand.

Adelina Popnedeleva and Michel Beck "The Real Thing", 2000 (4 min)
The video is result of a performance, which main object is the advertisement as a self-advertisement that is realized in one of the best for those purpose locations in the world – New York City. Adelina's self- advertisement starts even with the traveling to the US, during which she wears clothes “patterned” with some well-known ads, as the name of the products are replaced with the artist's name. At JFK airport the Bulgarian artist is met from her colleague dressed like Miss America and presents to Adelina a glass box “collected” the thousands reflections of New York. The performance continues on Times Square where they have a dialog using only advertising slogans.

Kamen Stoyanov "10 Minutes World Art", 2003, (10:00 min [4 min excerpt])
The video reviews issues related with the globalization in terms of the artistic context. The artist is looking through the Taschen's album The Art Today and asking the questions: Is there a global art? Which are the market principles the distribution of the art works and the migration of the artists are dependent on? Which powers effect the connection between center and periphery in process of globalization and how far we can think of globalization as an universal phenomenon as it has diverse dimensions in the different locations.

Borjana Pandova and Todor Karastoyanov "Whatever–Advert Laboratory", 2005 (8 pieces [1-3 min each], total: 16 min)
Whatever-advert lab plays with the basic cliches of the TV commercials, with their repetitive messages: to-buy-products aim. Whatever-advert lab takes the format, some of the tools of the commercials and set them to work in different direction - instead of selling products they offer and share ideas. It is at the same time ironic toward all the TV addicted and quite positive to those who can take it as an anti-propaganda of the indispensable shopping. The length of the videos also plays with the length of the TV commercials as well as it plays with the MTV pop-song videos' format, staying in between, thus being somehow uncomfortable. The video format stays just in the begging of the idea. The artists aim to use the idea for other types of media as radio, internet, poster, exhibition, longer documentary formats.

(Usti nad Labem, Zagreb, Istanbul, Iasi, Graz, Sofia, Holon, Novi Sad, 2005)  


Cake and Coffee/ Michal Kolecek
Out on a Limb/ Antonia Majaca

Vertigo Entrapped/ Basak Senova
Old Stories - New Videos/ Matei Bejenaru

Coffee with Sugar/ Galia Dimitrova
Exercises in Imagination/ Margerethe Makovec and Anton Lederer

Mapping Rightwing Extremism/ Orfeas Skutelis and Branka Curcic
Trespassing/ Eyal Danon

@6pm and 8pm
Sofia screening programme will be hosted by
InterSpace at The Red House - Centre for Culture and Debate
15, Ljuben Karavelov St.
1142 Sofia


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