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The participating artists of under.ctrl are Nooshin Farhid (Iran/the UK), Hristina Ivanoska (Macedonia) Effie - Amir (Israel/Belgium), Zhou Hongxiang (China), Ran Slavin (Israel), Anabala (Turkey), Sala Manca (Argentine/Israel), Ligna (Germany), Erhan Muratoglu (Turkey), Michael Zinganel (Austria), Pragmatic Sanction (Austria), Vuk Cosic (Slovenia), Nicole Pruckermayr - IOhannes zmölnig (Austria), Yane Calovski (Macedonia), FOS (Denmark) and Igor Stromajer - Brane Zorman (Slovenia).

Participating artists of the loosing.ctrl screening programme are Yael Bartana (Israel), Erhan Muratoglu (Turkey), Ruti Sela - Maayan Amir (Israel), Can Turkinan - Özlem Sulak (Turkey), and Hatice Guleryuz (Turkey).

The panelists are Andreas Leo Findeisen (Austria), Marina Grzinic (Slovenia). The moderators are Emre Erkal, Erhan Muratoglu and Basak Senova of NOMAD (Turkey).

formats: video works, installations, documentaries, screening programme [loosing.ctrl], live performances [Ran Slavin (Israel), Sala Manca (Israel), Anabala (Turkey)], presentation [Ligna (Germany)], and panel.

audio-video streaming, hosted by (Ales Zemene)

Stadtpark 1
A - 8010 Graz

Yane Calovski (Macedonia) and FOS (Denmark)

Yane Calovski
(Skopje, 1973). Since 1991 has lived and studied in the United States, Japan and the Netherlands; currently lives and works in Skopje (MK). Calovski studied sculpture and architecture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and University of Pennsylvania, US (1992/96) and Bennington College, US (1997) and precipitated in the post-graduate studio program at the CCA Kitakyushu, Japan (1999/00) and at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Post-Academic Institute for Research and Production in Fine Art Theory and Design, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Editor of D magazine (focusing on contemporary drawing) and artistic director of press to exit project space, Skopje.

Calovski has exhibited his collaborative, context-oriented and drawing-based work internationally in individual and group exhibitions; venues include: The Drawing Center (New York) 1998; Philadelphia Museum of Art 1999; Center for Contemporary Art CCA Kitakyuhsu (Japan) 1999/00; a Manifesta 3, (Ljubljana, 2000), Museum of Contemporary Art (Skopje) 2001; AR/GE Kunst, Bolzano (Italy, 2002); Nova Galeria Zagreb (Croatia) 2002; Contemporary Art Center, Skopje 2002; Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius) 2003; and Quatro Venti, Manciano, (Italy) 2003 and BAC- (Baltic Art Center) Sweden in 2004. He was awarded a Pew Fellowship in the Arts in 2001; a research residency in Vienna in 2002 supported by KulturKontakt Vienna and a research residency in the Fine Art department at the Jan van Eyck Academy, the Netherlands in 2002/04. Essays and reviews of his work have appeared in Afterimage, Flash Art, Village Voice, Tema Celeste, and other art and culture magazines.   Recent publications/catalogues include "" with Gaku Tsutaya published by the Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan (2000); "Small Talk" Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje (2001); "To Actuality" ARGE Kunst, Bolzano, Italy (2002); "Hurts so good" Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania (2003); and "Spiral Trip" with Hristina Ivanoska, published by Contemporary Art Center Skopje (2003).   Forthcoming monograph "Everything is after something" published by BAC will be available at the end of 2005. Calovski is also the founding editor of D (is for drawing) , an annual magazine focusing on drawing as a practice and a medium, published by Revolver.

FOS/Thomas Poulsen

As an artist FOS lives and works in Copenhagen. This with his defined files he calls Social Design. This is focusing on the way Art/design can change the ideas of the social space around us. How art not only creates models but options on solutions in social spaces and there interior. The thought is that the “social material” the social relations a society builds can be looked at as a physical material as stones and the chair you sit on. Witch can go in a design process.

Fos work now on various re-designs for instance the “Mændenes Hjem”  
(Men’s home) in Copenhagen. A place for alcoholics and drug addicts.

An Early Lost Play, 2006

the script
Episode 1:

I was working in my studio when he came. He asked me if I was available to paint a sign, reading Crime Shop. He would give a 1000 Danish crowns for it. I needed the money so I said OK. Sure I got the R a bit out of form, the I not straight and the M not really perfect either. But they were OK with what I have done, and even hired me for some more work, shooting a video, painting slogans, being a character in a series of demonstrations.

Episode 2:
They gave me a sign. It read "You Killed My Father" and "Freedom Sucks". This is pretty funny when you consider it does not make much sense. But it could easily make sense too. Something like "you have ruined my basis, my history, and even my social security is gone too!" And that freedom is impossible, frustrating, intolerant. Freedom for some, not for everyone.

Episode 3:
I don't understand what this work is about. They explained it to me that it is like a place where everything comes together, like Denmark today. You know, I am 25. I look younger though. It is strange how people react when they meet me. They treat me like a child they should help somehow. I would say help yourself, leave me alone.

Strangely the back of the poster is a bit clearer to me "all the noise for nothing, nothing to something".

I enjoyed flashing this to everyone I meet at the protests. Seeing the question marks on their faces.

Episode 4:
Denmark fucked up pretty bad lately. Finally people are becoming more outspoken and even start to criticize their government. If they don't do it, nothing will change. I just go out and observe, stand and listen to the demonstrations. My winner so far was the one organized by the social democrats. You know the one about supporting the Muslim outcry and asking sorry from the prime minister. But I am not sure they felt better afterwards.

Episode 5:
Today we went to the house of a young Danish Muslim. He makes short films and plays in them too. He showed us the films and we drank some tea and talked. Is the holly war necessary? Do the trees and the stones really know the truth? Will the tree in Palestine stay silent despite the noise?

Episode 6:
I rather demonstrate on my own. I enjoy the cold. We drove to a motorcycle-racing track. I walked in circles. Why, for what, for whom? I don't know. Doesn't matter. It makes me feel better walking around alone. I am not much of a public person.

Episode 7:
We keep walking around while my nose is bleeding. Blood everywhere. Fake blood.

Theatre blood. Perfect for the theatrical world I live in.

The one I am trying to relate to, the one I think is in trouble.

Episode 8:
The singing of the chorus of the Prime Minister's speech.

a project by Yane Calovski and FOS, featuring Tanja Kjaergaard Jansen, comissioned by "reality series" (the series includes Odense, Birmingham, Belgrade and Bratislav) curated by Lene Burkard and Maia Damianovic. Odense, Kunstahallen Brandts, 2006.