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The participating artists of under.ctrl are Nooshin Farhid (Iran/the UK), Hristina Ivanoska (Macedonia) Effie - Amir (Israel/Belgium), Zhou Hongxiang (China), Ran Slavin (Israel), Anabala (Turkey), Sala Manca (Argentine/Israel), Ligna (Germany), Erhan Muratoglu (Turkey), Michael Zinganel (Austria), Pragmatic Sanction (Austria), Vuk Cosic (Slovenia), Nicole Pruckermayr - IOhannes zmölnig (Austria), Yane Calovski (Macedonia), FOS (Denmark) and Igor Stromajer - Brane Zorman (Slovenia).

Participating artists of the loosing.ctrl screening programme are Yael Bartana (Israel), Erhan Muratoglu (Turkey), Ruti Sela - Maayan Amir (Israel), Can Turkinan - Özlem Sulak (Turkey), and Hatice Guleryuz (Turkey).

The panelists are Andreas Leo Findeisen (Austria), Marina Grzinic (Slovenia). The moderators are Emre Erkal, Erhan Muratoglu and Basak Senova of NOMAD (Turkey).

formats: video works, installations, documentaries, screening programme [loosing.ctrl], live performances [Ran Slavin (Israel), Sala Manca (Israel), Anabala (Turkey)], presentation [Ligna (Germany)], and panel.

audio-video streaming, hosted by (Ales Zemene)

Stadtpark 1
A - 8010 Graz

Hristina Ivanoska (Macedonia)

Hristina Ivanoska is building her artistic practice by finding ways of individual action against the established roles and norms, defined by the conventional social and political systems. Her manner of work includes research, perception and interactive action. She did an artist in residency at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2004, through CEC ArtsLink, the Yaddo Corporation, Saratoga Springs in 2001 and at the Stufung Kunstlerhaus Boswil in Switzerland in 1998. Her works have been exhibited in Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Finland, Lithuania, USA and Serbia and Montenegro. She lives and works in Skopje, Macedonia.


what's behind (The Urban Prototypes Project), 2003

The animation is an attempt to frame the nomadic imprint of the contemporary refugee. Through many concerns orbiting around surviving, security, freedom, self-sufficiency and life-standards, projected scenes correlate with different modes of survival and existence under the present circumstances of globalization.